What your doctor usually does not tell you about homeopathic therapy

Despite the convincing experiences posted on the website by patients who have previously used homeopathic remedies, conventional medical practitioners often advise against an alternative treatment with homeopathic remedies. Many doctors consider a homeopathic treatment to be ineffective despite all the positive reports. The successes, some of which have even been confirmed through case studies, thus lead to the so-called placebo effect. A placebo effect is basically when a patient’s condition improves not because of the medicine taken, but rather due to the patient’s confidence in the treatment.

Nonetheless, homeopathic therapy has indisputably established itself across the world. Conventional medical practitioners rarely admit that the homeopathic treatment is based on a holistic treatment adapted to the individual patient, which is particularly sensitive to the individual patient. Many doctors also do not tell their patients that the homeopathic natural therapy should arouse the self-healing properties of the body and thus avoid dangerous side effects by minimizing the intake of chemical-pharmaceutical medicinal products.