Homeopathic healing: ideal for children

Homeopathic remedies are well suited for treating children. Since they do not cause any side effects when used properly, they are much more gentle than conventional medicine. Unlike pharmaceutical products, homeopathic remedies are characterized by significantly lower risks and amazing results in the treatment of childhood illnesses.

Furthermore, homeopathic therapy not only considers the symptoms of an illness but also the individual physical and mental symptoms of a child. The choice of the homeopathic remedy is specifically tailored to the child’s complaints.

Last but not least, one should remember that close to 70% of all medical products administered to children were tested for adults before being approved. Conventional medical products are therefore often not child-friendly and can lead to major complications.

Children in the pre-school age often suffer from infections up to twelve times a year. In most cases, well-tolerated homeopathic remedies are used to fight colds and gastrointestinal disorders. Different homeopathic remedies have a fever-reducing effect and can be used in the case of dry fever, chills, or moist sweat.

Homeopathic remedies are also used for internal restlessness, stress at school, sleep disorders, and skin problems. Relaxing homeopathic remedies are particularly helpful during growth spurts, which are often characterized by searing pain in extreme cases. Complementary homeopathic therapy is also considered after a treatment with antibiotics for drainage of medication residues or as an accompanying natural medicine treatment.

A homeopathic treatment usually leads to a clear relief of the symptoms in children. Contrary to the use of pharmaceutical medicine, there are hardly any side effects resulting from homeopathic remedies. However, parents are advised to visit the general practitioner in the case of high fever values, severe earaches, or unclear symptoms.